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Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2 – 2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

NCCAOM (Safety), California Board, & Florida Board (Medical Errors) Approved Acupuncture Continuing Education. 
Do you love herbs and want to learn more about them? For a great price, Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2 (2 PDA Points in the NCCAOM Safety Category) goes into more depth on the potential adverse effects of Chinese Herbs, their healing indications, and the management & storage of these herbs. An excellent Safety class for any practitioner using and prescribing patients herbs in their day to day practice.


A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia – 15 Acupuncture CEUs

NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), Florida Board (General Hours) & Texas CAE Approved Acupuncture Continuing Education. 
Do you see a lot of patients in your practice seeking treatment for insomnia? For a great price, this course will discuss a variety of research studies done on acupuncture for insomnia, review acupuncture points for treatment, provide a comprehensive over view of the CAUSES of insomnia, and additional tips and techniques will be explained on getting a restful sleep. Education will be provided on the different prescription medications for insomnia and their potential side effects.  Some questions we will answer in this course: Are herbs combined with acupuncture more effective in treating insomnia than just herbs alone? Does aromatherapy with use of essential oils work to promote restful sleep? Can beta-blockers cause insomnia? These questions and more will be answered in “A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia”!