CPR Requirement CEUs

The NCCAOM requires a standalone CPR course for diplomat recertification.
Satisfies the standalone CPR requirement with NCCAOM
Florida Board (Biomedicine Hours)
California Board (Cat I)
Texas CAE (Biomedicine Hours)
*Please be advised that ACE does not report the CPR course, and per the NCCAOM diplomates are required to report their own CPR course completion certificate.
For information on how to report your CPR CE, click here.
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4 CPR Tips – CPR for Acupuncturists – 4 CEUs

4 CPR Tips – CPR for Acupuncturists – 4 CEUs

Satisfies the NCCAOM Stand-Alone CPR Requirement, Florida Board (Biomedicine Hours), California Board (Cat I), & Texas CAE (Biomedicine Hours) Approved Acupuncture Continuing Education
In this course the acupuncture provider will discover Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and learn the key steps to performing it. Important concepts discussed in this course include tips before starting CPR, how to activate the emergency response system, protection through good Samaritan laws, health conditions associated with CPR, what not to do when performing CPR, when to use an AED, and more. CPR steps will be reviewed for adults, infants, and children.