Australia Acupuncture Continuing Education or CPD

Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) Requirements

  • Renewal is November 30th of every year.
  • Required 20 Hours of CPD Per Year.
  • Must include 4 Hours of Professional Ethical / Regulatory Issues
    • Examples include: ethical/lawful practice, professional boundaries, permitted advertising, infection prevention & control, privacy, confidentiality, etc.
  • 2 Hours relating to scheduled herbs for practitioners holding a scheduled herbs endorsement.
Australia Acupuncture CPD and CEU
Australia Acupuncture Continuing Education

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Courses Include:
Acupuncture for Joint & Back Pain (15 Credits)
Acupuncture for Pediatrics (2 Credits)
Ethics & Regulations – Acupuncture Billing & Coding (4 Credits)
Australia Acupuncture CPD Ethics Course

Ethics & Regulations - Acupuncture Billing & Coding 4 CPD

This course will discuss pertinent issues in health care ethics laws, regulations, including ethical billing and coding to avoid real life fraud scenarios. 

Acupuncture Continuing Education

Acupuncture Herbal Safety 2 CPD

Expand your knowledge on herbs with this safety course which discusses patient safety when prescribing herbs, precautions, regulations and the prevention of medical errors.  This course is suitable for 2 CPD for acupuncture practitioners with a scheduled herbs endorsement.

Acupuncture Fertility CEU

Acupuncture Infertility Basics 15 CPD

We explore in depth the risk factors of infertility, think about stress management plans for our patients, learn a little more about male infertility, discuss popular acupuncture points, and evaluate the important role nutrition plays for women and men looking to conceive.  

stem cell acupuncture ceus

"2050" Advanced Future Stem Cell Treatments 15 CPD

This course dives into details of stem cell treatment and it’s uses in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and more. Current information on various research studies for stem cell treatments will be presented, as well as a breakdown and explanation of stem cells and how they work.  An excellent new area of medicine that everyone in the health care field should be aware of.

Acupuncture Continuing Education Business

Acupuncture Business Success 5 CPD

What makes a successful practice? What do you achieve when you combine new technology, low overhead, numerous marketing options and excellent customer service? You get a successful acupuncture practice.

Acupuncture for pediatrics ceu

Acupuncture for Pediatrics 2 CPD

This course offers safety tips, techniques, and lessons on how to help your pediatric patient get the most out of their acupuncture treatment.  Safety tips for both the acupuncture for provider and the child receiving treatment will be gone over in detail and we also review interesting research on pediatric acupuncture and safety.  A wonderful course for anyone who loves working in the pediatric setting.

Acupuncture CEU Public Ethics

Professional Ethics for Acupuncturists 2 CPD

Review your knowledge on patient ethics, professional ethics, professional boundaries, and public ethics in the health care world.