Acupuncture for Trigger Point & Muscular Release – 2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

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Discover acupuncture as a way to release muscular pain and discomfort by way of Trigger Point Release. This acupuncture continuing education course will address the possible etiology of the pain by locating the muscle which is most likely responsible for the tension, and the location of the potential trigger points within the fibers. We will identify the additional symptoms caused by the active trigger point in question. This is a simple, practical guide and review of the muscle groups most commonly affected, the referred pain patterns and the location of the trigger points. This is good a starting point for those practicing other styles looking to address musculoskeletal pain, as well as a review of the trigger points and their holding patterns.
NCCAOM Board Approved (AOM-AC)
Florida Acupuncture Board Approved (General)
California Acupuncture Board Approved CEUs, Cat I – CEP#1304 – California Board Approved 7/9/2021 through 6/9/2025 – CA licensees must complete this course before 6/9/2025 to receive CEU credit.
TX Approved CAE (General)
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