“#1 – 10 Lessons” – Scoliosis & Western Medicine – 7 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

NCCAOM Approved Acupuncture CEUs

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In this acupuncture CEU course, the acupuncture practitioner will develop their understanding of scoliosis from a Western/Bio-medicine perspective. The practitioner can expect to review the regional anatomy of the spine, types of scoliosis, and explore the epidemiology and etiology of scoliosis. Examine the common Western medicine methods for managing scoliosis, neurological complications, grading of scoliosis, and more. Lastly, the practitioner will develop a better understanding on how various lifestyle habits can either aide or further irritate the condition of scoliosis.
NCCAOM Board Approved #1208 – AOM-BIO
Florida Acupuncture Board Approved (50-19152) – Biomedical Sciences
TX Approved CAE (Biomedicine)