Ontario Acupuncture CEU & CTCMPAO Renewal

Learn about the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO), Continuing Professional Development, and Acupuncture CEU courses you can take online. 
Requirement: 15 Hours of Professional Development Activities every year for registered acupuncturists in Ontario. 

Get Professional Development Activities or Acupuncture CEUs with ACE

Many of the courses listed on the NCCAOM CEU page are appropriate to meet your continuing professional development requirements for the CTCMPAO.
CE courses do not need to be pre-approved by the CTCMPAOThe Quality Assurance Program is based on self-directed learning. Members are free to choose the subjects and activities they would like to complete as long as it meets the Professional Development Guidelines.

CTCMPAO Renewal & Acupuncture CEU

How do I renew with the CTCMPAO?

The CTCMPAO requests that General, Student, or Inactive certificate of registration to be renewed annually with the college by April 1st. You will be required to pay an annual renewal fee, and complete an online renewal form regarding your education, employment, and conduct unless otherwise specified.  
For a detailed look at the fee schedule, please visit the CTCMPAO Website
There is a 30% late fee for renewals that are received incomplete or after the deadline. A certificate of registration that is not renewed could be suspended by the CTCMPAO for non-payment of fees.  According to the CTCMPAO, individuals holding a suspended certificate of registration are not members of the college and are therefore, not legally permitted to practice TCM in Ontario. 

Continuing Professional Development

Members of the CTCMPAO are expected to complete 15 hours of PDA (professional development activities) each year to promote continuing competency and continuing quality improvement in their practice.  
Professional development activities should reflect the interests of the acupuncturist/TCM provider.  PDA is recorded on the Self-Assessment Forms, which must be completed every year. You are not required to submit your forms to the college unless otherwise noted in a random audit. 
You can obtain continuing professional development activities in the following ways:
No Maximum Hours
  • Attending courses, seminars, workshops, presentations, conferences related to TCM
  • Participating in online webinars, internet courses, seminars, workshops or conferences
  • Participating in correspondence courses that may be offered outside Canada
  • Participating in PLAR refresher courses offered by the College or by an educational institution
10 Hours Max
  • Reading professional books, journals, articles and research papers
  • Viewing, reading, listening to professional audio/video/internet materials
  • Reviewing CTCMPAO regulations, standards of practices, policies, guidelines, and other documents
  • Researching, writing, editing or submitting professional publications related to TCM
  • Teaching related courses in a TCM program
  • Preparing/presenting professional presentations
  • Serving on CTCMPAO’s Committees
  • Attending Discipline Hearings conducted by the College
  • Attending Council meetings of the Council of CTCMPAO as an observer
  • Serving as a Peer and Practice Assessor for the College
  • Acting as a subject matter expert for the College
  • Conferring with health care professionals regulated under the RHPA for the purpose of sharing relevant knowledge
5 Hour Max
  • Category B activities – any activities that fall under Category B are subject to a maximum of 5 hours counted only towards their 15-hour minimum

Category A vs. Category B Activities

Category A Activities
Topics in this category pertain directly to the College’s Standards of Practice and are directly related to TCM & your practice.  A few examples of acceptable subjects for this category are:
  • Knowledge of TCM Foundations
  • Diagnosis and patient assessment methods
  • Application of fundamentals of TCM Theory in diagnosis and treatment
  • Herbs
  • Maintaining herbal inventory
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture techniques
  • Educate and counsel patient
  • Advancements in related technology or techniques


Other topics that fall into Category A include safe practice, communication, record keeping, prohibition of sexual relationship with a patient, and uncontrolled acts within the scope of practice (Tui Na, cupping, diet/nutrition, etc.)


Category B Activities
This category includes complementary subject matter, such as Alexander Technique, aromatherapy, electrical therapy techniques (not electro-acupuncture), and others.  You can complete a maximum of 5 hours in these activities. 

Acupuncture CE Online Pharmacogenetics

All About Pharmacogenetics

NCCAOM & Florida Board Approved Only
20 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
In this course, learn all about Pharmacogenetics, the study of the role of the genome in drug response. By combining pharmacy and genetics, this area of bio-medicine analyzes how the patient’s genetic make up will affect his or her response to drug treatments. Topics to be discussed include predictions of drug interactions through pharmacogenetics, history, technological advances, ethics, drug metabolizing enzymes, “predictive prescription”, controversy, drug-gene testing, current limitations, personalized medicine, and more.
Acupuncture CEU Breast Cancer Awareness

20 Things to Know About Breast Cancer

NCCAOM Approved Only
20 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This course dives into many key topics involving breast cancer. The provider can expect to learn about how breast cancer begins, how it spreads, health screening, possible risk factors, environmental risk factors, genetic risk factors, male vs. female breast cancer, drugs to reduce the risk, possible treatment options, side effects of these options and much more.
Acupuncture Courses Online 8 Things You Need to Know About CNS Tumors

8 Things You Need to Know About CNS Tumors

NCCAOM Approved Only
16 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This course will cover information & research on Tumors of the CNS: Brain & Spinal Cord. Key topics to be discussed recent advances in medicine toward eliminating cancer, and understanding the various types of cancer that impact the brain and spinal cord. We go over in detail metastatic spinal disease , diagnostic tools, positron emission tomography (PET) scan, future genetic screening and treatment, hereditary diseases causing CNS tumors, types of Neurofibromatosis, von Hippel-Lindau disease, & common types of CNS tumors.
fertility CEU

Acupuncture Infertility Basics

NCCAOM, California, & Texas CAE Approved Only
15 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
Get this course for a reduced price per credit in one of the course packages found in Options 1-3 above!
Do you need a great course to enhance your knowledge on infertility? We have you covered for a great price. In Acupuncture Infertility Basics, we explore in depth the risk factors of infertility, think about stress management plans for our patients, learn a little more about male infertility, and evaluate the important role nutrition plays for women and men looking to conceive. In addition, we provide a comprehensive guideline of acupuncture/acupressure points that can be used to enhance your practice. Fascinating research on acupuncture and infertility will also be discussed. An excellent class for all acupuncturists looking to increase their knowledge base on infertility to help lead their patients to a successful pregnancy.
Acupuncture Continuing Education stem cells

"2050" Advanced Future Stem Cell Treatments

NCCAOM Approved Only
15 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
Get this course for a reduced price per credit in one of the course packages found in Options 1-3 above!
How would you like to learn about a hot new area of research, stem cell treatments? For a great price, this course dives into details of stem cell treatment and it’s uses in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and more. Current information on various research studies for stem cell treatments will be presented, as well as a breakdown and explanation of stem cells and how they work. An excellent new area of medicine that everyone in the health care field should be aware of.
Future Sciatica Treatments acupuncture CEUs

"2050" Future Sciatica Treatments

NCCAOM Approved Only
15 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This course will discuss new methodologies of treatment for sciatica that are either in current practice or are being researched. We discuss cryotherapy, regenokine/orthokine, platelet rich plasma (PRP), stall bar stretching, stem cell therapies, and other advances in surgeries for disc problems. In addition, research will be discussed regarding how these treatment work, and the science behind them.
acupuncture for insomnia

A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia

NCCAOM & Texas CAE Approved Only
15 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
Do you see a lot of patients in your practice seeking treatment for insomnia? For a great price, this course will discuss a variety of research studies done on acupuncture for insomnia, review acupuncture points for treatment, provide a comprehensive overview of the CAUSES of insomnia, and additional tips and techniques will be explained on getting a restful sleep. Education will be provided on the different prescription medications for insomnia and their potential side effects. Some questions we will answer in this course: Are herbs combined with acupuncture more effective in treating insomnia than just herbs alone? Does aromatherapy with use of essential oils work to promote restful sleep? Can beta-blockers cause insomnia? These questions and more will be answered in “A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia”!
Muscle Injuries 1

Muscle Tissue Injuries Part 1

NCCAOM Approved Only
15 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
In Muscle Tissue Injuries Part 1, Acupuncture & oriental medicine providers can expect to learn about the epidemiology of muscle injuries. We discuss the risk factors for muscle tissue injuries, repair post injury, problems associated with repetitive movements, different classifications of muscle injuries, how these injuries are typically diagnosed and more. In addition, review the physiology behind the muscle tissue as well as its anatomy, and the mechanics of muscle contractions.
Sciatica CEU

A Battle with Sciatica: Important Anatomy & Physiology

NCCAOM Approved Only
13 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
Get this course for a reduced price per credit in one of the course packages found in Options 1-3 above!
Would you like to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the body as it relates to sciatic pain? For a great price, expand your knowledge on the anatomy of the spinal vertebrae, spinal nerves, and learn about the many other anatomical components that make up the back. This course will also go over various conditions that may cause a patient to feel sciatic pain. A vital course for any acupuncturist providing treatments for pain management.
Depression CEU

A Battle with Depression: Important Anatomy & Physiology

NCCAOM Approved Only
13 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
Get this course for a reduced price per credit in one of the course packages found in Options 1-3 above!
Are you interested in anatomy and physiology of the brain and how this ties into depression? Well, we have an excellent course for you. For a great price, this course will discuss brain regions, neurotransmitters, hormone imbalances, and exciting research about depression and how it occurs in the brain. By taking this course, you will grow your knowledge on depression, and have this new found knowledge to help educate your patients and fellow colleagues about this condition. This course is a must for any acupuncture practitioner eager to learn and understand the specific effects depression has on the brain.
Pelvic Girdle

Understanding the Pelvic Girdle Part 1

NCCAOM Approved Only
12 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
In this popular online Acupuncture CEU/PDA Course, the oriental medicine provider can expect to learn about the anatomy, physiology, and types of injuries that tend to occur in this very important region of the body. Key areas we review include the hip joint anatomy, articular cartilage, synovial fluid, muscles, movements of the hip joint, blood supply, nerve distribution, and more. Additionally, learn more about disorders of the hip and types of treatment options currently available.
Joint Aging

Aging Joints - What You Need to Know

NCCAOM Approved Only
12 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This online Acupuncture CEU/PDA course discusses key information about aging joints that oriental medicine providers should be aware of when treating patients. The provider can expect to learn about osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, different types of joints, protecting joints amidst the aging process, and more. Additionally, we review some of the current treatment options for joint pain available today.
Acupuncture Continuing Education Business

Acupuncture Business Success Part 1

NCCAOM & CA Board Approved
5 CEUs/PDAs – CW-PE Category
What makes a successful practice? What do you achieve when you combine new technology, low overhead, numerous marketing options and excellent customer service? You get a successful acupuncture practice. This seminar is designed to: Reduce acupuncturist workload; Minimize overhead; Maximize marketing efforts; Improve doctor-patient relationships; and Business Investment. This course will ultimately teach you how to eliminate waste and maximize your investment.
Skin Aging

"5 Aging Lessons" - Understanding the Skin

NCCAOM Approved Only
5 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
In this online course we discuss how and why the skin ages, along with the causes of skin aging. The purpose of this course is to educate the acupuncture provider on the structures that make up the skin, while reviewing preventative methods used to naturally minimize the aging process.
Discovering How Diet Impacts Human Behavior

Discovering How Diet Impacts Human Behavior

NCCAOM Approved Only
5 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This online continuing education course will help the acupuncture provider understand current nutrition strategies to manage mood and behavior, along with a review of how and why foods impact behavior. 
Gestational Diabetes

A Beneficial Guide to Gestational Diabetes

NCCAOM Approved Only
5 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This online Acupuncture CEU/PDA course discusses key topics that acupuncture providers must know pertaining to gestational diabetes. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options currently available will be reviewed. Dietary changes that can be implemented are also analyzed, including a discussion on beneficial foods for this condition, and which foods to avoid. Acupuncturists will learn which factors make individuals more likely to get gestational diabetes and lifestyle changes that may help.
A Beneficial Guide to Weight Loss Medications & Surgeries

A Beneficial Guide to Weight Loss Medications & Surgeries

NCCAOM Approved Only
5 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This Acupuncture CEU/PDA course aims to educate the provider on solutions used in the world today to help aide weight loss, specifically through medications and surgeries. Achieving weight loss through these methods may be appropriate for some individuals, however education on the pros/cons of these treatment options is crucial. Acupuncture providers can expect to learn about different weight loss medications on the market place today, types of surgeries to help weight loss, including the risks and benefits of these options.
Nutrition Research Course for Acupuncturists

A Balanced Diet: Understanding Nutrition Through Research

NCCAOM & Florida Board (General Hours) Approved Only
4 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This course will cover research conducted on different areas of nutrition such as high fiber diets, disease prevention through nutrition, the best type of diet for weight loss, the effects of diet on neurocognitive function, the real effectiveness of oral supplements, and under what scenarios we receive the most benefit from them. Additionally, areas of nutrition research that highlight the benefits of exercise & diet on longevity and quality of life will be discussed.
We Dream in Chinese

We Dream in Chinese - LIVE WEBINAR

NCCAOM, California Board (Cat I, LIVE) & Florida Board Approved (General Hours)
4 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
Trisha Phaklides, L.Ac, is a renowned and experienced Doctor of Oriental Medicine and author specializing in holistic care relative to acupuncture, herbal preparation and supplements. She has performed well over 48,000 treatments and counting, and brings her extensive knowledge of Chinese nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.  Phaklides’ webinar will discuss the meaning behind “We Dream in Chinese”; that your dreams are symptoms of what is going on inside your body. By using Five Element Theory, it provides the clues needed to unlock the secrets of why we dream.
Acupuncture CEUs Nutrition

3 Basic Lessons in Nutrition

NCCAOM, Florida Board (General Hours) & California Board Approved (Cat I) Only
3 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
The purpose of this course is to breakdown the science behind nutrition so we can better understand the effects of food on the body.  This course has a strong correlation with oriental medicine because the food we eat can make us feel better or worse, and proper nutrition can work to assist any complimentary acupuncture treatments.
traditional chinese medicine ART

Acupuncture Herbal Safety

NCCAOM, California & Florida Board (Medical Errors) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
Do you love working with herbs and believe they can be a great addition to acupuncture treatments? For a great price, this class goes over herbal safety rules, regulations, prevention of medical errors, and important details providers must know before prescribing herbs to patients. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to identify safety recommendations for herbs that can be used to enhance your every day practice, as well as valuable tools/lessons that can be used to keep your patients and yourself safe.
Acupuncture Continuing Education Moxibustion

Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2

NCCAOM & Florida Board (Medical Errors) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
Do you love herbs and want to learn more about them?  For a great price, Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2 (2 PDA Points in the NCCAOM Safety Category) goes into more depth on the potential adverse effects of Chinese Herbs, their healing indications, and the management & storage of these herbs. An excellent Safety class for any practitioner using and prescribing patients herbs in their day to day practice.
Acupuncture CEUs Safety Course

A Bacterial Infection & Safety

NCCAOM Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
This course will discuss different types of bacterial infections, their mechanism of action when causing infection, how bacteria reproduces, how bacterial infections are treated, including effectiveness of various antibiotics. Antibiotic resistant bacteria will be explained with advice on how we can prevent this from developing when we are ill. Why are some bacteria good for us? What tests can be done to detect a bacterial infection? What safety measures can practitioners use to prevent bacterial infections?
3 Safety Lessons Anatomy Acupuncture

"3 Safety Lessons" - Anatomy & Acupuncture

NCCAOM Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
This course will focus on specific cases where injuries have occurred due to incorrect acupuncture needling, and we will identify regions of the body that are are more at risk for these types of injuries. A review of anatomy, the central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system will be taught in connection with safety lessons based on previous case studies and reported incidents.
acupuncture for pediatrics

"3 Safety Lessons" - Acupuncture for Pediatrics

NCCAOM, Florida & California Board Approved (Cat I) Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
Do you love helping children in your acupuncture practice? For a great price, this course offers safety tips, techniques, and lessons on how to help your pediatric patient get the most out of his or her acupuncture treatment. Safety tips for both the provider and the patient receiving treatment will be reviewed in detail. Also, learn about interesting research on pediatric acupuncture and safety. A wonderful course for anyone who loves working in the pediatric setting.
Acupuncture CEU Insurance and HIPAA

"2 Ethical Lessons" - Understanding HIPAA & Insurance

NCCAOM Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
This course will cover ethical concepts pertaining to dealings with insurance companies and HIPAA laws & regulations, and how the two are connected. Topics include filling of ethical claims, insurance rules and guidelines, understanding HIPAA law, protection and confidentiality of Health care data, and other national regulations. Reasons behind the change from HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010 will be discussed, including the difference between the new HIPAA and the old HIPAA rules.
Acupuncture Courses Online Ethics Billing Healthcare Fraud

A Basic Ethics Guide in Billing: Laws, Regulations, & Fraud

NCCAOM Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
This course will provide a detailed discussion on ethics for insurance billing laws and regulations, patient ethics and how this connects HIPAA law for insurance billing, OIG compliance, health care fraud, as well as identify real life examples that you can learn from.
Acupuncture Courses Online Sexual Boundary Training

"2 Ethical Lessons" - Sexual Boundaries

NCCAOM Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
This course will cover 2 key concepts in regards to the patient-provider relationships. First, providers will learn more about sexual boundaries, such as establishing appropriate vs. inappropriate communication/contact with patients and how patient culture and diversity tie into the matter. Secondly, providers will gain an understanding how to appropriately handle situations where boundaries (as the provider) are crossed by a patient.
Acupuncture CEU Billing and Coding Ethics

2 Ethical Billing & Coding Tips

NCCAOM Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
This course will cover a detailed explanation of insurance billing in the scope of patient security in the ever changing world of health care information technology, including key legal policies all providers need to be aware of. Laws and regulations guiding the medical industry will be discussed, including the HIPAA Act, False Claims Act, Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Law, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Ethical procedures in regards to electronic billing, software use in electronic billing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), filing Manual Claims, CMS-1500 form, UB-04, and understanding the processes of medical clearinghouses will all be discussed.
doctor business

Acupuncture Ethics Part 1

NCCAOM, California, & Florida Board (Laws & Rules) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
Review your knowledge on patient ethics, professional ethics, professional boundaries, and public ethics in the health care field. 
Acupuncture NCCAOM Safety Course

"3 Safety Lessons" - Acupuncture Needling Part 1

NCCAOM Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
This safety course will discuss 3 key areas acupuncture and TCM providers must know to maintain safe acupuncture treatment protocol. We will cover needling guidelines and safety tips, which include understanding adverse events, contraindications to acupuncture treatment, and complications in association with acupuncture treatment.

Updated 3/26/2019