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“#1 - 10 Lessons” - Treating Menopause

“#1 – 10 Lessons” – Treating Menopause
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this course we will explore the treatment of menopausal symptoms from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, and develop an understanding of other common treatments available today. The acupuncturist can expect to learn about the psychological and social impact of menopause, diagnosis of menopause, standard allopathic treatment, TCM treatment, beneficial acupuncture points for treating menopausal symptoms, and more. Additionally, learn more about evidenced-based lifestyle recommendations for patients with menopause.
“#1 Acupuncture & TCM Guide” - Thyroid Disorders

“#1 Acupuncture & TCM Guide” – Thyroid Disorders
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this acupuncture continuing education course we will cover the etiology of thyroid diseases, examine the TCM view of how the thyroid gland works, and the unveil the causes of thyroid disorders. The acupuncturist can expect to learn more about hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiter, Hashimoto’s Disease, Grave’s Disease as well as the Western medical views of these diseases. TCM pattern diagnoses for hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer are discussed, in addition to the positive effects of moxibustion, cupping, and more. Review important acupuncture points, TCM Chinese herbs, and discover noteworthy nutritional recommendations for thyroid disorders in this exciting course.
Nurse Assessing Stroke Victim By Raising Arms

Caring-for-Stroke: TCM-Western-Med Perspectives
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Enhance your understanding on the Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective of strokes. The acupuncture provider can expect to learn about the causes, signs, symptoms, and different types of stroke. A detailed description of acupuncture points and other complementary modalities to prevent and treat the symptoms associated with a stroke are also included. Complimentary modalities include bloodletting, moxibustion, and electrical stimulation. An important course for acupuncture providers who care for and treat patients who have had a stroke.
Close-up of a young woman in acupuncture therapy in a Spa center

“#1 Acupuncture & TCM Class” – Headaches
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this acupuncture continuing education course, we will look at the different types of Headaches and their symptoms, and explore this condition from a TCM perspective. The acupuncturist can expect to develop an understanding of TCM Patterns, Treatment Principles, and Acupuncture Points, as they concern the treatment of headaches. In addition, the acupuncture practitioner will discover herbal formulas that may be helpful for patients seeking treatment for headaches. We will also identify the usefulness of moxibustion, cupping, and auricular acupuncture for headaches, as well as explore dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are healing for this condition.
Female leg stepping on weigh scales. Healthy lifestyle, food and sport concept.

“#1 Acupuncture & TCM Guide” – Weight Loss
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this acupuncture continuing education course, providers will be able to evaluate weight loss and metabolism from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. This class will cover the TCM Patterns related to metabolism, weight gain, and Cushing’s disease. The acupuncturist can expect to learn about single TCM herbs as well as herbal formulas for Weight Loss, acupuncture points used for weight loss, as well as lifestyle and dietary recommendations. Discover helpful tips to aide in your patients’ ability to maintain a balanced and healthy weight.
Woman working with computer and having wrist pain

“#1 – 10” Acu & TCM Guide on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this acupuncture continuing education course, develop your understanding of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and examine the anatomy of the bones, muscles, nerves, veins, and arteries in this region. We will explore different treatment styles to help identify the correct diagnosis and treatment within the scope of Chinese Medicine. Pericardium channel obstruction, trigger points, and Liver disharmony will be discussed, as well as acupuncture points on the primary channels for carpal tunnel. Extra points that will help with the wrist, hand, and fingers will also be reviewed.
“10 Chinese Medicine Lessons” - Diet & Nutrition

“10 Chinese Medicine Lessons” – Diet & Nutrition
10 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this acupuncture continuing education course we will explore Chinese Medicine diet and nutrition. The acupuncturist can expect to learn about the history of Chinese medicine nutrition, concepts of Chinese medicine nutrition including nature, flavor and temperature of foods. We will also examine the “Six Evils”, or pathogenic factors that give rise to disharmony and disease. Uncover the theories of using nutrition to heal common ailments, understand the prevalence of obesity and the importance of proper nutrition as preventative medicine. Lastly, we will delve into a series of basic recipes used in Chinese nutrition.
3 Acupuncture Tips - Treating Neck Pain

“3 Acupuncture Tips” – Treating Neck Pain
10 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this course, dive deeper into your understanding of neck pain, successful treatment with acupuncture, and learn tips to help patients achieve successful treatment outcomes. Key topics include the review of complex structures in the head and neck, identification of trigger points vs taut tender points, home care instructions for patients to maximize treatment outcomes, popular acupuncture points for neck pain, alternative modalities that are helpful in the treatment of neck pain, and more. A crucial course for acupuncture practitioners who see many patients for the common complaint of neck pain.
“#1 Acupuncture Guide” - Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, & Memory Loss

“#1 Acupuncture Guide” -Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, & Memory Loss
10 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Get an in-depth insight of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In this exciting new course, we uncover and study the common TCM diagnoses for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and review how these diseases are commonly viewed and treated in Western Medicine. Additionally, acupuncturists can expect to grow their knowledge on the TCM Acupuncture points, Patterns, and Herbal Treatments for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, memory loss, and discover foods that may help. Learn what studies have been done on how TCM treats these diseases as well as additional lifestyle changes to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and memory loss.
Female hand holding model of human kidney organ at back of body. Hand showing model with outside of human kidney isolated on white background. The artificial model for education shows the exterior of the kidney organ. This organ or gland filters and purifies the blood. People have two kidneys in their body and sometimes a person donates one for transplantation to another person with a kidney disease.

“#11 Acupuncture & TCM Lessons” – Kidney Stones, Bladder, & Kidney Diseases
11 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this acupuncture continuing education course, we gain a deeper understanding on the workings of TCM and acupuncture for the treatment of Kidney Stones, and Kidney and Bladder Diseases. Discover the TCM views, patterns, Acupuncture points, and Herbal Formulas to treat this disease. This course will review the types of Lin Syndromes associated with Kidney stones, as well as TCM treatments, acupuncture points, and herbal formulas to treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Polyuria, Frequent Urination, and Overactive Bladder Patterns. Lastly, review studies done on TCM and these diseases as well as lifestyle and dietary recommendations.
Sports Injuries Part 1

Common Sports Injuries Part 1
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

This acupuncture CE course will help you learn more about the most common types of injuries experienced by athletes, and how these injuries appear in the body. What are the best ways to reduce pain from these injuries, and how should we treat them? These questions and more will be answered.
Muscle Injuries 1

Muscle Tissue Injuries Part 1
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In Muscle Tissue Injuries Part 1, Acupuncture & oriental medicine providers can expect to learn about the epidemiology of muscle injuries. We discuss the risk factors for muscle tissue injuries, repair post injury, problems associated with repetitive movements, different classifications of muscle injuries, how these injuries are typically diagnosed and more. In addition, review the physiology behind the muscle tissue as well as its anatomy, and the mechanics of muscle contractions.
acupuncture for insomnia

A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Do you see a lot of patients in your practice seeking treatment for insomnia? For a great price, this course will discuss a variety of research studies done on acupuncture for insomnia, review acupuncture points for treatment, provide a comprehensive over view of the CAUSES of insomnia, and additional tips and techniques will be explained on getting a restful sleep. Education will be provided on the different prescription medications for insomnia and their potential side effects.  Some questions we will answer in this course: Are herbs combined with acupuncture more effective in treating insomnia than just herbs alone? Does aromatherapy with use of essential oils work to promote restful sleep? Can beta-blockers cause insomnia? These questions and more will be answered in “A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia”!
Infertility Acupuncture CEU Online

Acupuncture Infertility Basics Part 1
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Do you need a great course to enhance your knowledge on infertility? We have you covered for a great price. In Acupuncture Infertility Basics, we explore in depth the risk factors of infertility, think about stress management plans for our patients, learn a little more about male infertility, and evaluate the important role nutrition plays for women and men looking to conceive. In addition, we provide a comprehensive guideline of acupuncture/acupressure points that can be used to enhance your practice. Fascinating research on acupuncture and infertility will also be discussed. An excellent class for all acupuncturists looking to increase their knowledge base on infertility to help lead their patients to a successful pregnancy.
Acupuncture Continuing Education back pain

Acupuncture for Joint & Back Pain Part 1
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge on treating back pain? For a great price, this course will go over must know research on acupuncture joint and back pain, discuss popular acupuncture points and dietary recommendations, and tips to reduce inflammation.
Acupuncture CEU Breast Cancer Awareness

20 Things to Know About Breast Cancer
20 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

This course dives into many key topics involving breast cancer. The provider can expect to learn about how breast cancer begins, how it spreads, health screening, possible risk factors, environmental risk factors, genetic risk factors, male vs. female breast cancer, drugs to reduce the risk, possible treatment options, side effects of these options and much more.
Acupuncture Courses Online 8 Things You Need to Know About CNS Tumors

8 Things You Need to Know About CNS Tumors
16 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

This course will cover information & research on Tumors of the CNS: Brain & Spinal Cord. Key topics to be discussed recent advances in medicine toward eliminating cancer, and understanding the various types of cancer that impact the brain and spinal cord. We go over in detail metastatic spinal disease , diagnostic tools, positron emission tomography (PET) scan, future genetic screening and treatment, hereditary diseases causing CNS tumors, types of Neurofibromatosis, von Hippel-Lindau disease, & common types of CNS tumors.
stem cell acupuncture ceus

“2050” Advanced Future Stem Cell Treatments
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

How would you like to learn about a hot new area of research, stem cell treatments? For a great price, this course dives into details of stem cell treatment and it’s uses in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and more. Current information on various research studies for stem cell treatments will be presented, as well as a breakdown and explanation of stem cells and how they work.  An excellent new area of medicine that everyone in the health care field should be aware of.
Gestational Diabetes

A Beneficial Guide to Gestational Diabetes
5 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

This online Acupuncture CEU/PDA course discusses key topics that acupuncture providers must know pertaining to gestational diabetes. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options currently available will be reviewed. Dietary changes that can be implemented are also analyzed, including a discussion on beneficial foods for this condition, and which foods to avoid. Acupuncturists will learn which factors make individuals more likely to get gestational diabetes and lifestyle changes that may help.
Herbal Safety Acupuncture CE

Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 1
2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Do you love working with herbs and believe they can be a great addition to acupuncture treatments? For a great price, this class goes over herbal safety rules, regulations, prevention of medical errors, and important details providers must know before prescribing herbs to patients. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to identify safety recommendations for herbs that can be used to enhance your every day practice, as well as valuable tools/lessons that can be used to keep your patients and yourself safe.
Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2 Continuing Education Course

Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2
2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Do you love herbs and want to learn more about them? For a great price, Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2 (2 PDA Points in the NCCAOM Safety Category) goes into more depth on the potential adverse effects of Chinese Herbs, their healing indications, and the management & storage of these herbs. An excellent Safety class for any practitioner using and prescribing patients herbs in their day to day practice.
Bells Palsy

A Basic Guide to Understanding Bell’s Palsy
3 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

In this acupuncture continuing education course, the acupuncture provider will gain a deeper knowledge of this condition. Key topics to be discussed include the pathophysiology of Bell’s Palsy, signs and symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, and more. We additionally review beneficial activities and exercises that may help individuals with this condition.  
Acupuncture Courses Online Sexual Boundary Training

Acupuncture Ethics Part 1
2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs

Our most popular course in the topic of ethics in health care.  Acupuncturists get to review their knowledge on patient ethics, professional ethics, professional boundaries, HIPAA, and public ethics.  
Acupuncture for the Treatment of Anxiety

Acupuncture for the Treatment of Anxiety
1 Acupuncture CEU/PDA

In this acupuncture continuing education course, discover the benefits of treating anxiety with acupuncture.  Dive into the TCM patterns associated with anxiety,  acupuncture points to treat these patterns, and learn to identify the tongue and pulse patterns to look for. Lastly, improve your knowledge on herbal formulas for anxiety and uncover additional treatment tips in ‘Acupuncture for the Treatment of Anxiety’.