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TCM for Allergies and the Common Cold (Category 1, 4 CEUs)
In this course, we will cover how Traditional Chinese medicine treats Allergies and the Common Cold. The provider will be able to review TCM patterns for allergies and colds, and improve their understanding of acupuncture points and herbal formulas to treat these conditions. Other topics include TCM diagnostic methods, auricular acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle recommendations for the common cold and allergies, facial diagnosis, moxibustion, and more.
3 Basic Lessons in Nutrition (Category I, 3 CEUs)
The purpose of this course is to breakdown the science behind nutrition into 3 specific topics: understanding the breakdown of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, ketogenesis, and intermittent fasting. The goal of this class is to help the student understand the functions and effects of food on the body. This course has a strong correlation with oriental medicine because the food we eat can make us better or worse, and proper nutrition can work to assist any complimentary acupuncture treatments.
“#1 Guide” to Acupuncture for Bi Syndrome in the Meridians (Category I, 2 CEUs)
Acupuncture & herbal medicine can be very helpful in the treatment of articular and soft tissue rheumatological disorders. The treatment of pain in TCM is explained as, “if there is free flow there is no pain.” In this course, the acupuncture provider can expect to learn about TCM Patterns for Bi syndrome, how to differentiate them, acupuncture points, herbal formulas, and dietary suggestions. We will also cover supplements and studies on Bi Syndrome.
Acupuncture Ethics Part 1 (Category I, 2 CEUs)
Review your knowledge on patient ethics, professional ethics, professional boundaries, and public ethics in the health care field. 
3 Safety Lessons – Acupuncture for Pediatrics (Category I, 2 CEUs)
Do you love helping children in your acupuncture practice? For a great price, this course offers safety tips, techniques, and lessons on how to help your pediatric patient get the most out of their acupuncture treatment. Safety tips for both the acupuncture for provider and the child receiving treatment will be gone over in detail and we also review interesting research on pediatric acupuncture and safety. A wonderful course for anyone who loves working in the pediatric setting.
3 Safety Lessons – Anatomy & Acupuncture (Category I, 2 CEUs)
This course will focus on specific cases where injuries have occurred due to incorrect acupuncture needling, and we will identify regions of the body that are more at risk for these types of injuries. A review of anatomy, the central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system will be taught in connection with safety lessons based on previous case studies and reported incidents.
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