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“3 Acupuncture Tips” – Treating Neck Pain
10 Acupuncture CEUs, Cat I
In this course, dive deeper into your understanding of neck pain, successful treatment with acupuncture, and learn tips to help patients achieve successful treatment outcomes. Key topics include the review of complex structures in the head and neck, identification of trigger points vs taut tender points, home care instructions for patients to maximize treatment outcomes, popular acupuncture points for neck pain, alternative modalities that are helpful in the treatment of neck pain, and more. A crucial course for acupuncture practitioners who see many patients for the common complaint of neck pain.
“*Help with Erectile Dysfunction*” – The Acupuncture & TCM Guide
6 Acupuncture CEUs, Cat I
In this acupuncture continuing education course, we discover the benefits of acupuncture and TCM for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The acupuncture practitioner can expect to understand Western medicine views of erectile dysfunction, as well as the TCM perspectives. This course will also examine research on erectile dysfunction, discuss helpful acupuncture points, review treatment patterns, moxibustion, acupressure, Qi Gong, and more. Lastly, the practitioner will develop their awareness of lifestyle recommendations that may help men with erectile dysfunction.
“3 Concepts” – Acupuncture, TCM, & Autoimmune Diseases
5 Acupuncture CEUs, Cat I
In this acupuncture continuing education course, we explore the topic of autoimmune diseases by first uncovering three important concepts: the role of the immune system, types of autoimmune diseases, and treating these conditions with acupuncture and TCM. In this course are several explanations of different autoimmune diseases with signs and symptoms experienced by the patients with diagnosis, and treatment in Western and Chinese Medicines. Other important topics of key interest to acupuncturists include acupuncture points, Eight Principles, Ten Questions, Treatment principles, Extraordinary points, nutritional recommendations, and more.
“#1 Safety Guide” – Viruses
2 Acupuncture CEUs, Cat I
In this acupuncture continuing education course, enhance your knowledge on viruses. The acupuncturist can expect to learn about the viruses we face today as a nation, virus mutation, universal safety precautions for virus prevention, personal protective equipment, infection control and monitoring, the world’s worst pandemics, vaccines, and much more. A critical course for acupuncture providers considering the current times.
2 Ethical Billing & Coding Tips FREE
2 Acupuncture CEUs, Cat II
This course will cover a detailed explanation of insurance billing in the scope of patient security in the ever changing world of health care information technology, including key legal policies all providers need to be aware of. Laws and regulations guiding the medical industry will be discussed, including the HIPAA Act, False Claims Act, Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Law, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Ethical procedures in regards to electronic billing, software use in electronic billing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), filing Manual Claims, CMS-1500 form, UB-04, and understanding the processes of medical clearinghouses will all be discussed.