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Acupuncture & Herbal Formulas for Insufficient Lactation
2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
General Hours

This acupuncture continuing education course will cover acupuncture & herbal formulas that can treat insufficient lactation, as well as the background and etiology of what causes insufficient lactation. We will also review the Chinese medical patterns involved with this condition. The acupuncture provider can expect to learn about acupuncture points, herbal formulas that can treat insufficient lactation, TCM foods, and dietary changes that may help.

“#1 – 4 Lessons” – LGBTQ & Healthcare Awareness
4 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
General Hours

The LGBTQ community is an all-inclusive movement for the equal rights for every person regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The history behind this struggle has been cultivated over several decades of harassment and discrimination to a time of acceptance, inclusivity, and knowledge about the issues. In this acupuncture continuing education course, the acupuncture practitioner will explore important concepts that are not mutually exclusive, including sexual orientation, sex, chromosomal variations, gender identity, and more. Furthermore, the acupuncturist will understand how to be more culturally aware and competent when providing care to individuals who identify with the LGBTQ community.

“#1 – 10 Lessons” – Acu and TCM for TMJD and Toothaches
15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
General Hours

In this acupuncture continuing education course, the provider will expand their knowledge on Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) and toothaches. We identify the common symptoms of TMJD & Toothache issues, how TMJD and Toothaches are understood in Western Medicine, as well as TCM patterns for TMJD/Toothache. Popular acupuncture and acupressure points that are useful in treating this condition, as well as herbs, will also be discussed. Uncover how to help your patients overcome TMJD and Toothache with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“5 Aging Lessons” – Understanding the Skin
5 Acupuncture CEUs
Biomedicine Hours

In this online course we discuss how and why the skin ages, along with the causes of skin aging. The purpose of this course is to educate the acupuncture provider on the structures that make up the skin, while reviewing preventative methods used to naturally minimize the aging process.

“2 Ethical Lessons” – Understanding HIPAA & Insurance
2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
Laws & Rules

This course will cover ethical concepts pertaining to dealings with insurance companies and HIPAA laws & regulations, and how the two are connected. Topics include filling of ethical claims, insurance rules and guidelines, understanding HIPAA law, protection and confidentiality of Health care data, and other national regulations. Reasons behind the change from HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010 will be discussed, including the difference between the new HIPAA and the old HIPAA rules.

“3 Safety Lessons” – Anatomy & Acupuncture
2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
Medical Errors

This course will focus on specific cases where injuries have occurred due to incorrect acupuncture needling, and we will identify regions of the body that are more at risk for these types of injuries. A review of anatomy, the central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system will be taught in connection with safety lessons based on previous case studies and reported incidents.