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Free  Acupuncture Ethics Part 1 – 2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs (Laws & Rules)
Do you need to fulfill your Florida Laws & Rules Category Requirement?  For a great price, you will be able to do just that, and will also get to review your knowledge on patient ethics, professional ethics, professional boundaries, and public ethics in the health care world. 
Acupuncture for the Treatment of Anxiety – 1 Acupuncture CEU/PDA
In this acupuncture continuing education course, discover the benefits of treating anxiety with acupuncture. Dive into the TCM patterns associated with anxiety, acupuncture points to treat these patterns, and learn to identify the tongue and pulse patterns to look for. Lastly, improve your knowledge on herbal formulas for anxiety and uncover additional treatment tips in ‘Acupuncture for the Treatment of Anxiety’.
A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia – 15 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
Do you see a lot of patients in your practice seeking treatment for insomnia? This course will discuss a variety of research studies done on acupuncture for insomnia, review acupuncture points for treatment, provide a comprehensive over view of the CAUSES of insomnia, and additional tips and techniques will be explained on getting a restful sleep. Education will be provided on the different prescription medications for insomnia and their potential side effects.  Some questions we will answer in this course: Are herbs combined with acupuncture more effective in treating insomnia than just herbs alone? Does aromatherapy with use of essential oils work to promote restful sleep? Can beta-blockers cause insomnia? These questions and more will be answered in “A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia”!
“3 Safety Lessons” – Anatomy & Acupuncture – 2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs (Medical Errors)
This course will focus on specific cases where injuries have occurred due to incorrect acupuncture needling, and we will identify regions of the body that are more at risk for these types of injuries. A review of anatomy, the central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system will be taught in connection with safety lessons based on previous case studies and reported incidents.
3 Basic Lessons in Nutrition – 3 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
The purpose of this course is to breakdown the science behind nutrition into 3 specific topics: understanding the breakdown of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, ketogenesis, and intermittent fasting. The goal of this class is to help the student understand the functions and effects of food on the body. This course has a strong correlation with oriental medicine because the food we eat can make us better or worse, and proper nutrition can work to assist any complimentary acupuncture treatments.
“#1 Guide” to Acupuncture for Bi Syndrome in the Meridians – 2 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs
Acupuncture & herbal medicine can be very helpful in the treatment of articular and soft tissue rheumatological disorders. The treatment of pain in TCM is explained as, “if there is free flow there is no pain.” In this course, the acupuncture provider can expect to learn about TCM Patterns for Bi syndrome, how to differentiate them, acupuncture points, herbal formulas, and dietary suggestions. We will also cover supplements and studies on Bi Syndrome.
Discovering How Diet Impacts Human Behavior – 5 Acupuncture CEUs/PDAs (Biomedical Sciences)
‘Discovering How Diet Impacts Human Behavior’ Acupuncture CEU/PDA course will help the provider understand current nutrition strategies to manage mood and behavior, along with a review of how and why foods impact behavior.