Utah Acupuncture CEU / PDA Requirements

Utah Acupuncture Continuing Education Requirements


Welcome Utah Acupuncturists!
ACE is proud to offer Acupuncture CEU/PDA courses for Utah Acupuncturists seeking to renew their license. Stay on top of your Acupuncture CE requirements and further your professional skills with ACE. Choose from a variety of different online courses pertaining to Acupuncture, TCM/Oriental Medicine, Herbs, Ethics, and Bio-Medicine subjects. We strive to make obtaining acupuncture CE online a seamless process, which is why you receive your certificate of completion immediately after passing the course.
The state of Utah accepts NCCAOM approved courses for acupuncture license renewal.  Please visit the NCCAOM PDA or CEU page for current course listings.

Exam Requirement for Licensure

To become a licensed acupuncturist, the state of Utah requires a passing score as determined by the NCCAOM on all examinations for certification by NCCAOM.


License Renewal Cycle – Procedures

A licensee must complete 30 continuing education units (CEU) within the two-year renewal period on May 31st of even years.
Renewal qualifications shall include:
  1. Either documentation of current and active NCCAOM certification; or
  2. Meeting the same professional development requirements as those licensed under this chapter.
The division shall notify each licensee in accordance with procedures established by rule that the licensee’s license is due for renewal.
If the division does not receive the application for renewal, renewal fee, and needed documentation showing completion or compliance with renewal qualifications by the license expiration date, then the license will not be renewed.
Examples of renewal qualifications which by statue or rule the division may require the licensee to documentation completion or compliance with include:
  • Continuing Education
  • Continuing competency
  • Quality assurance
  • Utilization plan and protocol
  • Financial responsibility
  • Certification renewal; and
  • Calibration of equipment
Animal Acupuncture
A licensed acupuncturist who practices animal acupuncture is required to fulfill 100 hours of animal acupuncture education and training. This training must include the following:
  • Completing 50 hours of on the job training under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian;
  • Completing animal anatomy training; and
  • Completing the remaining hours in animal specific continuing education


Unprofessional Conduct
The state of Utah considers the below list to be Unprofessional Conduct. Please review all points below to stay current on your states laws and rules pertaining to the practice of acupuncture.
“Unprofessional conduct” includes:
(1) failing to maintain office, instruments, equipment, appliances, and supplies in a safe and sanitary condition;
(2) failing as a licensee to maintain the professional development activity requirements, as required by the NCCAOM;
(3) failing to abide by and meet standards of the “Code of Ethics” set by NCCAOM, adopted on October 14, 2008, which are hereby incorporated by reference;
(4) failing to maintain medical records for a ten-year period
(5) failing to obtain education and training recognized by NCCAOM if performing acupoint therapy injections; and
(6) administering venous injections, immunizations, legend drugs and controlled substances.

For additional information and details, please visit the Utah Acupuncture Board’s website.

Updated 6/8/2023