Acupuncturist of the Month

Top Denver, CO Acupuncturist Jordan New, L.Ac. MSAOM. Dipl. O.M. is Acupuncturist of the Month

Each month, Acupuncture Continuing Education (also known as “ACE”) has decided to feature an acupuncturist to share his or her experiences, expertise, and knowledge of practicing Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sometimes, the best way to grow within a profession is to learn from your fellow colleagues, and hear how they help to achieve results for their patients.  Stay tuned for additional interviews with acupuncturists across the United States & Canada.

Jordan New, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Denver, Colorado, and is the founder and CEO of New Vibes Health and Acupuncture.  Jordan  has been involved in the health and fitness industry since 2004 and specializes in healing bodywork, Chinese medicine, herbs, nutrition, massage, reiki,  yoga, Qi gong and meditation. 

Interview with Jordan New, L.Ac MSAOM. Dipl. O.M. 

Welcome Jordan!  Thanks for taking the time to sit with us for Acupuncturist of the Month.

So, how long have you been practicing acupuncture for? 

I graduated with a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 2015.   My clinic, New Vibes Health & Acupuncture, started January 2016.  I have been involved in the health and fitness industry since 2004, teaching fitness, yoga, meditation and dance.   

What inspired you to become an acupuncturist?  

I have always had an affinity toward natural and holistic medicine.   I went into my undergraduate degree with the intention to become a chiropractor.   During school, a professor of mine was a naturopathic doctor, and he influenced me to attend school for naturopathic medicine.  Colorado does not yet offer a degree in either one of those medicines.  The fortuitous road of life kept me in my home town of Denver, and I studied TCM.  I am very happy with my choice to study TCM, and I intend to return to school for a doctorate degree in Chinese medicine.   

We see you are also certificated in Nutritional Response Testing. What made you want to become certified?  Tell us a little bit about your training in this area.

When I graduated school, I  thought I knew everything about how to heal the human body because of what the textbooks taught.  I was wrong!  It became clear to me that Chinese medicine is intuitive, and as practitioners, we must listen to the body.   Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is an effective way to communicate with the body and receive clear results regarding the condition of the body and mind, and what is needed to heal.  

Your practice also incorporates nutrition services / counseling.  We think this is awesome because a big part of how we heal the body and mind is through the food we eat, and not everyone may know where to go for the knowledge and tools to apply it in their daily lives.  What do you think has been the biggest obstacle in your counseling efforts to help patients change their eating habits? 

The biggest obstacle to help people change their eating habits is the time I have with each patient!  I spend an hour with each patient, and based on my findings, I tell them what to eat, what not to eat, and what herbs to take.   From there, they will work with Heidi Marie Dietz.  Heidi is my business partner and the plant based nutrition consultant at New Vibes Health and Acupuncture.   Heidi teaches cooking classes and works privately with clients to help them change their eating habits and lifestyle toward a healthier way of being.   She is an integral component of the business, and makes a positive impact in the lives of our patients.   We are a great team!

Do you incorporate some of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine within the nutrition counseling?

Yes, I combine principles from TCM, along with the results from NRT to create nutrition plans. 

Tell us about a recent success story you had with a patient.  What acupuncture points, herbs, or other interventions (meditation, yoga, nutrition, etc) did you use to help them achieve results?

Just recently, A patient came in holding on to the walls because she was so dizzy and barely able to stand up. She couldn’t move her head and the neck pain was 9 out of 10 level of intensity. 10 being most extreme pain!

She left our clinic balanced and grounded, dizziness gone, greater range of motion and free of pain, 0 out of 10 pain level.  I am able to read people’s bodies and create balance where there was once blockage and pain.   I apply acupuncture, cupping, essential oils and more for healing.  

I have helped many cases like this, and other cases of people struggling with chronic conditions for years.  After a couple months of treatments, they are completely healed of previous chronic ailments, with an improved quality of life! 

What is one thing about acupuncture & oriental medicine, that to this day, still amazes you?

I am amazed that this medical wisdom has been around for thousands of years, and is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s modern world.  

On your journey to become an acupuncturist, what obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

School and board exams were not easy, but I believe the challenge of accomplishing those feats made me into the successful and skilled clinician that I am today! It takes commitment, drive, passion, discipline and continual refinement of vision for the future.   

Looking back, what advice would you have given to the younger version of yourself, who was just getting started in this profession?

Focus just as much on business development as I do on developing clinical skills and patient management.  I fell in love with the medicine, and only recently have I realized how important the business component is.  

Running a practice is not a simple or easy task – what do you feel was the biggest challenge in getting your practice up and running?

The biggest challenge has been learning how to run a business! I did not expect there to be so many details to take care of when I started, and I did not get into this profession to be a business man.   However, refining my business skills is developing me into the powerful human and strong leader that I know I am destined to be.   I gratefully accept the challenge 🙂 

What has been the most rewarding moment so far in your career as an acupuncturist?

Only one?  😉 

The most recent rewarding moment is that I was hired on as a professor to teach Clinical Business Management at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Almost daily, I am rewarded with people telling me how I have improved their life in some way.   

We have all occasionally had a patient come into our practice who is upset, frustrated, and a little angry. Maybe it’s from work, being stuck in traffic, or life in general – we have all been there! What advice would you give to fellow acupuncture students and/or colleagues on how to deal with situations like these?

Be cool… Maintain equanimity with balanced mental and emotional composure, so that they become calm like you, instead of you getting flustered like them.  How do you do that?  Read the answer to question 16 below.   

What are your favorite acupuncture points, and why?

I give myself acupuncture once or twice per week, and the most common (my favorite) points are Stomach 36 and Spleen 6.   These two points together give me a sense of peace and relaxation.   

The two most common points I use on patients are Yintang and Du 24.   Both of these points help people relax into their treatment and quiet the mind.   

Sometimes, the best resource for improving our skills is by learning from the other acupuncturists we meet along our professional journey.  What is one thing you learned from a fellow acupuncturist or other holistic practitioner, that has helped you in your professional growth, or in your care for patients?

I have studied with some of the great masters in a technique called Engaging Vitality.  

Using this approach is another way that I listen to the body, while using far less needles and achieving much greater results.    

On the business side of things, I have studied with Spence Pentland from Canada.  He has an excellent online business training course for acupuncture clinics called The Golden Cabinet. One of the greatest things I learned is to increase patient value as much as possible.   This will keep them coming back, and willing to pay more.    

Do you have any daily habits or rituals that keep you at your “best-self”, both as an acupuncture practitioner and person?

My morning routine is the reason my days go so well! 

 I start almost every morning with fresh celery juice or spirulina. Depending on time, I spend 10-30 minutes exercising and/or stretching while listening to positive affirmations or personal development courses.  Then, I spend 10-30 minutes in meditation, centering my body, mind and spirit.  I visualize how my day and life will go, with deep reverence and gratitude.    Once I have showered and ready to go, ONLY THEN do I look at my phone and respond to emails.  

We instantly loose ourself if the first thing we do upon awakening each morning is to look at what other people think, their opinions and their needs.  In my experience, it can be challenging to get centered again after looking at my phone when I wake up.   When I connect with myself first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is much smoother.   

The kindest thing a patient said to you recently:

 ‘You are so very talented, Jordan. I just dont have words to describe what I sense within you, and especially how happy I am that you are pursuing your passion. You’re a wayshower and an inspiration on so many levels. I just so appreciate Who You Are.’

The funniest thing a patient said to you recently:

‘Poke me again, you prick.’  

If you had to choose a spirit animal, what would it be and why? 

Dog.  Loyal, cool-headed, active, faithful, courageous, agile, smart and warm-hearted.  Dog is my Chinese zodiac sign.  (Pic of my Shiba Inu) 

To learn more about Jordan New L.Ac. MSAOM. Dipl. O.M., please visit his practice website or connect with him on FaceBook and Instagram. Jordan also has an article on about Fire Cupping.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe to his YouTube channel!