Ontario Acupuncture Continuing Education

Ontario Acupuncture Continuing Education

Acupuncture Continuing Education Requirements for Ontario

The CTCMPAO requires that acupuncturists in Ontario complete 15 continuing education hours every calendar year.
Acupuncture Practitioners are allowed to select their own professional development activities.
ACE courses can be used to fulfill your PDA requirements.

There is a 10 hour maximum per activity, specified in Category A below.
A maximum of 5 hours in Category B.

For more information on renewal requirements,
visit the Ontario Professional Development Activities guidelines here.

Category A
*10 hour maximum per activity

Advertising, communication, consent, TCM diagnosis & treatment, infection control & safe practice, legislation, standards & ethics, maintaining professional boundaries, preventing sexual abuse, record keeping.

Category B
Maximum of 5 hours

Marketing, business, and social media courses as it pertains to your practice, adjunctive techniques such as alexander technique, aromatherapy, Feldenkrais, electric therapy techniques (not including electroacupuncture – this only pertains to information regarding a TENS unit, high pulse frequency, etc.), learning & teaching pilates, and learning & teaching yoga.
Ontario Acupuncture Cont Ed pkg

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Discovering How Diet Impacts Human Behavior – 5 Hours
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Acupuncture & Herbal Formulas for Insufficient Lactation – 2 Hours
Human Trafficking Awareness – 1 Hour